A North Carolina DWI Assessment is required of everyone who is convicted of Driving While Impaired in the state of North Carolina. You can not receive a Limited Driving Privilege without a DWI Assessment. DWI assessments and groups can only be conducted by facilities licensed by the state of North Carolina.

The cost of all NC DWI Assessments is $100, no matter which agency you choose to assist you, in all areas of NC. The $100 fee is established statewide by the Legislature of the State of NC. No agency in the state of NC is ever allowed by law to charge more or less than the lawful $100 fee. This fee is to be collected at the time of the assessment. Agencies have no choice or say-so in this matter.

Each of these licensed facilities must have a North Carolina DWI Provider Code. Getting an assessment and treatment by a substance abuse professional does not necessarily mean that professional has a North Carolina DWI Provider license.

Better Communities, is fully licensed by NC DWI Services and will assist you with your assessment in a professional, confidential and timely manner.  Better Communities will often complete an assessment the day you call to request an appointment.

Why Get Your DWI Assessment Done as Soon as Possible?

  • In NC, a  DWI assessment is required prior to receiving a Limited Driving Privilege.
  • Shorten the period of time you can’t drive during your “Civil Revocation.”
  • Complete the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles DWI Assessment and Education, Counseling and/or treatment requirements.
  • A DWI Assessment is a Mitigating Factor during your trial and can reduce the level of punishment, possibly helping avoid active jail time.
  • Know in advance where you stand with your DWI Substance Abuse requirements.

The $100 fee must be paid at the time of the assessment.

 Don’t be misled by mailed or other notices that say you must go to any particular agency for a DWI assessment.  You can choose ANY licensed NC DWI agency you like.
Better Communities is conveniently located just inside the Beltline on Six Forks Road.  For driving directions, see below. Parking is plentiful, safe and free.

A DWI Assessment is an alcohol abuse and drug abuse assessment consisting of a clinical interview and a structured assessment questionnaire to determine if a person has a problem with alcohol or drugs. There are a few different assessment types that are used by different NC DWI programs.

Possible outcomes of the DWI assessment are alcohol or drug dependence, alcohol or drug abuse, or no alcohol or drug “handicap.” The DWI assessment and related paperwork take approximately  one and a half hours.

Allow at least 90 minutes for the DWI assessment when you schedule your appointment. If you have your lifetime driving record (we can assist with that) and the printout of your breath/blood test, you can leave the assessment with all the paperwork you need for your attorney, court or the NC Division of Motor Vehicles.

If you live in another state and received an NC DWI, Better Communities can help you with your assessment and classes or counseling without you having to return to North Carolina. With our help, you can meet all requirements by receiving services in the area in which you live.


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